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Our biggest OPS ever features three concurrent content tracks


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They’re everywhere, filling up your homes and offices: smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, TVs, oh my. Users consume content on each device for a different reason and likewise expect each to offer a different experience. At the same time, advertisers and publishers desire holistic approaches to the diverse landscape.

The Screens track will examine the challenges in executing coordinated campaigns across screens while reaching increasingly fragmented audiences; how publishers best monetize their content across a plethora of devices while offering advertisers unique and intriguing products; and the search for the holy metric that will unite measurement across the disparate channels.


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Those helming the behind-the-scenes machinery that bring digital advertising to life are saddled with some heavy prerogatives: make it work, keep it working but also make it work better and more efficiently. The Tech track dives into the plumbing, dissecting Technological advances and challenges new and seemingly ageless.

Sessions during this track will focus on where publishers’ programmatic tech stacks intersect efforts to automating transactional practices; how advertisers and agencies are advancing their data refining and targeting efforts; the future of trading desks and media agencies in general; difficulties in the integration of viewability and the opportunity behind up-and-coming engagement metrics; and the potential for transactional transparency to revolutionize digital media monetization.


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It’s the savior of digital advertising! It’s just a passing fad! OK, what exactly is native? It’s many things to many people – one definition does not fit all – but at its core, native is the next generation of content marketing. Along with opportunity, native brings its fair share of pain points as old hands are forced to take on new, unfamiliar roles and adapt both technology and processes to fledgling formats.

Sessions during the native track will examine how publishers are overcoming the gaps between content management systems and ad servers; best practices for judging the effectiveness of native campaigns and optimizing performance; how brands, agencies and publishers are collaborating to create engaging, integrated experiences; and where native fits within digital media strategy for parties across the advertising landscape.


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